Millions of bloggers can’t be wrong, or can they?

I’ve changed my opinion about blogs gradually since when they first came around, to the point now of starting this blog, my first. Despite when first reading about them and how it was the new thing of the internet several years ago my initial thought was they had some positive sides but generally kind of silly. My impression at the time was that the people who could contribute helpful knowledge or insight would be lost in the flood of pop interest to the likes of entertainment weekly or what is comprised of myspace. However, I judged a bit too quick.

Over time I have found a lot of useful information on various blogs on various topics. I’m also glad to see in this case I was a bit wrong and there are good ones out there. Since they’re here to stay, at least for quite a while I now think, I figured I’d give it a shot and see how I like it.

I suppose it’s partly my way to give back to the internet after taking so much from it. I’ll most likely also keep various notes on here of things I’ve found, done, read, or find interesting for my own future reference. With this at least it will be useful to me if no one else, but if others can find something good on here then I would be happy to hear about it.

As to how much I’ll get into this or find it good in the end for me I’m not sure. I think I’ll keep it going for several months, let’s say till the end of the year, and review again on what I think about maintaining one.

  1. cristina says:

    See where the writing takes you. You might be surprised! After all, I use my blog as an outlet.

  2. Josh says:

    Good blogs thus far, keep it up. look forward to checking in from time to time…

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