Next year I’ll be Santa Clause for my Halloween costume

During the past month or so, roughly a week before Halloween, I along with countless others began to see Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights, and the general decorations that go with Christmas. pop up a more and more each day in many retail stores and malls. The key problem to this being it was still October. I couldn’t help but notice since then from coworkers, friends, and hearing comments of those in the stores that “it’s too early for Christmas decorations, it’s not even November.”

I for one agree with them and though I haven’t been keeping track from previous years if I were to guess the holiday season is coming sooner each year. There is something odd when on two adjacent shelves/racks that one would be Halloween and the other Christmas. In fact about two weeks ago I saw candy canes in CVS and while I admit to getting a box (they are good) part of me also thinks its taking something away from that “special time of year” if it becomes too common. I am completely for the spirit people speak of during the holidays to be year round but don’t think this is the best way to accomplish that. I also wonder on maybe this is the result of companies wanting to get a leg up on their competitors by being in front of the customer first. I would bet that if this trend continues it will reach a tipping point and more of the public will be heard. I’ll take a bet that it would have to be late September for that to occur, not long after the fall school shopping bonanza is finished. I also recall seeing back to school advertisements in late May early June this past year, but I won’t get into that now.

Final words – leave the holiday and Christmas season where it belongs on the calendar year.

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s all run by the commercial industry. The Christmas season is the time to shop, so they’ll do everything they can to extend that season. And why shouldn’t they? It works.

    We all make the same off-hand comments when they bring out the Christmas stuff in October and we all try to ignore it it for just a few more weeks. Then again, some of us give in to The Man and buy his candy canes, further perpetuating the cycle.

    Yeah, I’m looking at you Chris.

  2. chris says:

    I’m certainly guilty for picking up candy canes, they are good. In a way I hope if people can ignore it so retails become aware and hold off from setting them up far in advance. I also don’t think that it helps increase shopping (this is offhand and don’t have numbers to back this up) except for maybe the Christmas and holiday decorations that are setup. I would be curious how many sales are made on those items too as the season progresses.

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